Adderley Admits Close Association With Moe Sohail

I'll be finishing the Kim Wendell series soon, but this morning I want to hit one important point about Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Frank Adderley. 

In his recent Miami Herald interview, Adderley claimed a friendship with cigar man Moe Sohail, the Pakistani national who was a key member of Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein's entourage. It seems the chief thought that if he could pawn off his friendship and gifts from Rothstein on the current jailbird's buddies like Sohail, it might look better for him.

Fat chance. Adderley is only digging himself a deeper hole. At least when it came to Rothstein, Adderley could claim that there was no indication in the public record that he had troubles with the law. Though Sohail has avoided criminal prosecution, the same can't be said for

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Journalist Bob Norman has been raking the muck of South Florida for the past 25 years. His work has led to criminal cases against corrupt politicians, the ouster of bad judges from the bench, and has garnered dozens of state, regional, and national awards.
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