Adrian Wyllie, Libertarian Candidate for Governor, Files Lawsuit to Be Included in Debate

Rick Scott and Charlie Crist are all set to debate this Wednesday at Broward College. The polls show a close race between the two candidates, with razor-thin differences in the percentage points.

But there's another candidate in play as well, and he's looking to get in on the debate and present his plans for the state.

Adrian Wyllie, the Libertarian Party candidate, has filed a federal lawsuit seeking to be included in Wednesday's debate.

According to the complaint, the debate was arbitrarily set in a way that seems to purposely exclude Wyllie from participating.

The lawsuit claims that Broward College, which set up the debate, is ignoring Wyllie's polling-percentage requirements to be a part of a debate.

"This action involves the deprivation of [Wyllie's] important fundamental constitutional rights as the direct result of the actions attributable to the Defendants, organizers, hosts, and sponsors, of a purported political debate," the lawsuit reads. "After Wyllie had reached the required polling percentage to be included in a prior debate, [Broward College] arbitrarily changed the criteria, which, by their plain language are entirely illusory."

The rule cited in the lawsuit says that a candidate must be showing at least 15 percent in any reputable opinion poll to be eligible to participate.

Polls have shown Wyllie starting at 9 percent but gaining ground in the past few weeks, particularly with Independents.

In some recent polls, Wyllie is seen at around the 12 percent mark, which, if the margin of error is included, would make him eligible.

The lawsuit, filed Thursday, is pending in a Fort Lauderdale federal court.

Scott and Crist have already held their first debate on Friday afternoon in Miramar, sans Wyllie.

Wyllie Complaint Against Florida Press Et Al as Filed 10-8-14 1 by Chris Joseph

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