Guile Hitler: Does Browne believe in White Power? Or just the Green?
Guile Hitler: Does Browne believe in White Power? Or just the Green?

Advertiser on Local White Supremacist Site May Not Be Legitimate Racist

His friends in the white supremacist community may be able to forgive John Harold Browne for being a scam artist -- and with his legal history for fraud, that's a strong possibility. But they must be positively scandalized by the possibility that Browne is only pretending to be racist hate-monger.

After this article in Intelligence Report, by the Southern Poverty Law Center, Browne's dirty secrets are laid bare.

The ad currently appearing on
The ad currently appearing on
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The article documents a litany of financial crimes, large and small. Browne, it seems, can't be trusted handling his boss' money; and he has a tendency to bounce checks. In 2007, he entered a plea of no contest in two criminal cases and was sentenced to 15 years probation.

And yet this resilient entrepreneur launched Tip of the Spear Consulting in September 2009. The company is cloaked in secrecy, though the magazine found that the company offered consultations "on matters such as tax shelters, corporate veil protection and anonymous banking."

Clearly, Browne has accumulated legal experience in the field of creative money management.

What's less clear is Browne's choice in clientele. He advertises Tip of the Spear on, the white supremacist website of former Alabama KKK leader Don Black and his fast-rising son Derek.

In addition to the financial sleight of hand, Tip of the Spear's web banner offers "intellectual and physical protection." In that latter capacity, Browne attended the October 2009 speech by Nazi Holocaust denier John Irving at the Ritz-Carlton in Manalapan.

After a fracas led to one neo-Nazi stabbing another, Irving blamed Browne for being slow to react. Browne is the surname of the "John" we referenced in this November 17 Juice post about hackers who leaked Irving's emails, including those the historian had with Browne.

This role brought more attention to Browne, who then found his racist credentials being assailed by Stormfront regulars.

Intelligence Report spoke with one of Browne's former employers, who is Jewish and said that Browne never displayed any racial or ethnic hatred. The magazine muses that Browne may be an "'affinity scammer' -- a man who uses the very particular interests of a certain set of people to lure them into parting with their money."

Confronted by Stormfront readers, Browne defended himself, saying to his critics, "Look for yourself how many non-whites I employ, look at the bank statements and see how many non-whites are given money. The answer to both is zero!"

Browne's business still advertises on Stormfront, but today the website is "undergoing renovations."

Browne did not immediately respond to an email message requesting comment.


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