Age Discrimination At The Sun-Sentinel

The headline above probably caused the blood pressure to rise among some of the Sentinel managers for a moment. In this journalistic age of early retirement buyouts and cost-cutting, the very words "age" and "discrimination" coming within 100 yards of each other make executives tremble.

But this isn't about Sentinel employees, though, it's about Sentinel subjects. On today's Local front, there's a story about 17-year-old kid from Weston accused of intentionally running over five ducks in his car, and possibly baiting them with food to set up the kill. Yeah, sick shit. That boy wasn't named by the Sentinel because of his age.

In the briefs today, there's a thing about two Sunrise teenagers who glued shut 50 doors on Piper High School. Sure it's vandalism, but it's also a prank. Anyway, the newspaper not only published their names but also slapped their pictures at the bottom of the brief to make sure their public humiliation was complete.

Why? They are 18 and happen to be months older than the duck killer.

Now, if you lived next door to all three, who would you rather know the identity of, the duck killer or the door gluers? I'm saying the duck killer. It's unfair and ludicrously arbitrary, any way you look at it. But, then again, like my grandfather always told me as I was growing up, the Sun-Sentinel isn't fair.

-- Also in today's papers, you have Todd Wright's story re: Hugh Jass. I was wary to put this article up here, since I don't fancy that ad campaign in the least. I like mildly vulgar sophomoric humor as much as anybody, but the whole name tag thing is just dull. But the juxtaposition here makes it worth posting. I guess.

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