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Ahziya Osceola Had Been Living With Untreated Broken Leg For Weeks Before Death

(Note: on reports, investigators have alternately spelled the child's name Ahziya and Ahizya)

Someone, or something, struck Ahziya Osceola in the abdomen so hard, the injuries eventually killed him. According to the Broward Medical Examiner's findings, detailed in Analiz and Nelson Osceola's arrest warrants, their three-year-old son died from "blunt impact abdominal trauma causing a transacted pancreas and a lacerated liver."

But there's more.

Ahziya had apparently been living with an untreated broken leg for at least three weeks, according to the medical examiner's findings. 

According to his father Nelson, the boy had thrown up days before he died. It's unclear if the boy's illness is at all related to his abdominal injuries. What is clear, however, is that the boy was living in extreme pain for days before his death. And, according to the medical examiner, Ahziya's death could have been prevented had Analiz contacted someone, including her mother, who is a nurse, and was asleep in the next room during the night the boy died. 

"Based on the medical examiner's report," the warrant says, "the child suffered catastrophic internal injuries that would have caused him to be in extreme pain but would not cause him to die immediately." 

An injury like the one described in the medical examiner's report are usually consistent with a powerful blow to the abdominal area. The medical examiner also found that Ahziya had gouges in his neck, and a wound around the area of his left shin.

Nelson Osceola, who has been charged with child neglect, told investigators that Analiz claimed the boy injured his ankle when he jumped off a grill that sits in the home's back patio. Analiz also claimed that she took the child to Memorial Regional Hospital Joe DiMaggio and that doctors there gave him a splint to treat a broken foot. 

The hospital says it has no record of a child named Ahziya (or Ahizya) Osceola ever being treated for such an injury this month.

Nelson Osceola claimed Analiz went to CVS to buy something to "straighten out" Ahziya's injured leg. He also told police that the boy had a bad walk, but otherwise, the father claimed, there was no indication that Ahziya had a serious injury to his leg. Yet, according to the medical examiner's conclusions, Ahziya had suffered a spiral fracture to his left tibia, and that it would've been impossible for the boy to walk without being in extreme pain.

As has already been reported, Ahziya's body had multiple bruises around the face, arms, legs and torso.

Whether or not someone struck the boy in the stomach area is yet to be determined. But, as the warrant points out, there were inconsistencies with Analiz's version of events when she said found the boy. Police conducted multiple interviews with the woman, and found discrepancies. She was ultimately charged with giving police false information, in addition to an aggravated manslaughter charge.

According to police, Analiz stuffed Ahizya's body into two trash bags, one to cover his legs and the other his head, and then placed the body in a box which she put behind a washer in the laundry room. She didn't report Ahizya missing for hours after that. When she did report him missing, she mentioned that her wallet and keys were also gone, prompting police to believe it may have been an abduction. 

A timeline based on DCF reports reveal that Ahziya lived a life filled with a pattern of abuse and neglect at the hands of his father, stepmother and mother.

According to a New Times report published earlier today, Ahziya's father and birth mother, Karen Cypress, have extensive criminal records, which range from possession of cocaine and organized fraud to criminal mischief and battery.

Nelson and Analiz Osceola were arrested and charged in the connection of Ahziya's death on Wednesday.
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