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Alan Mendelsohn, Political Adviser and Government Scammer, to Be Sentenced Today

Alan Mendelsohn -- the Hollywood ophthalmologist, GOP fundraiser, lobbyist, and adviser to former Gov. Charlie Crist -- will be sentenced in federal court today after pleading guilty to a conspiracy charge in December.

Mendelsohn's conspiracy charge specifically claimed scheming to bilk the U.S. government -- trying to hide $82,000 in political donations secretly given to a former State Sen. Mandy Dawson and lying to federal agents -- which came about due to his scandal-laden ties to Ponzi schemer Joel Steinger.

Sentencing guidelines show Mendelsohn could serve up to five years in prison, but you may not see that sentence be handed down today.

Mendelsohn was originally to be sentenced on February 17, then again on April 28 -- both dates were postponed.

He's reportedly been working with not only the feds but also state officials to uncover further political corruption across Florida.

A state prosecutor told the Pulp in February that investigations into Russell Klenet -- who allegedly told Mendelsohn how to hide money from the government -- and Klenet's wife, Broward County Commissioner Stacy Ritter, are still open.

In case you've forgotten the backstory on Mendelsohn, here's a little refresher:

In a 2007 deposition, Klenet called out Mendelsohn, saying he was "very helpful" in helping fund the multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme orchestrated by Steinger.

Mendelsohn was initially indicted in September 2009 on several fraud charges and has since admitted to funneling more than $700,000 from three political action committees into his own pockets and some to his mistress. He owed nearly $200,000 in back taxes to the IRS, which he's since paid -- with the cash he got from selling his Hollywood ophthalmology office, Eye Surgeons & Consultants.

Mendelsohn told the feds he helped mediate some sort of corrupt deal between former Gov. Charlie Crist and Steinger, but a plan for Mendelsohn to wear a wire to get incriminating statements from one of Crist's aides was foiled.

A plea agreement was struck between the feds and Mendelsohn for one count of conspiracy, which he pleaded guilty to in December.

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