Alarm Installer Accused of Robbing Customer

An guy hired to install alarms to protect homes stands accused of robbing a customer's home where he was installing an alarm.

A 50-year-old Boca Raton woman allegedly caught Jason Michael Adams, 37, a worker for an alarm installation company, robbing her of $40,000 worth of jewels and other valuables from the very room he was supposedly installing the theft prevention alarm.


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According to a Boca Raton police arrest report, the woman walked in on Adams in her bedroom and saw him rummaging through one of her jewelry boxes.

When she yelled out and asked to know what the hell was going on, he apparently explained that he was looking for a panic alarm.

Because you can find panic alarms in the darndest places! A shoe! A fishbowl! Your refrigerator! Under the bed! In the pockets of your jeans! Inside a chicken! In a sock drawer! In the bushes! And, of course, inside a person's jewelry box.

The homeowner then demanded Adams empty his pockets.

He then pulled out a necklace, cross pendant, a watch and another watch valued at $32,000.

Crazy enough, he did not pull out a panic button from his pants.

Adams was arrested and charged with larceny and booked in at the Palm Beach County jail. He was released early Tuesday on a $5,000 bond.

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