Alberto Dorce Convicted in Failed Robbery Attempt of Unyielding Married Couple

Alberto Dorce was convicted this week on two counts of attempted robbery with a firearm while wearing a mask nearly a year after he tried to rob what's either an incredibly badass or incredibly stubborn Delray Beach couple.

Just after midnight on October 3, 2010, Dorce, 29, approached a newlywed couple while they were walking to their car, wearing a mask on his face and holding a revolver to the man's chest, saying he'd shoot them if he didn't get the man's wallet and the woman's purse.

According to Dorce's arrest report, the woman's husband told him, "You're not going to fucking shoot me, and I'm not going to give you my wife's purse."

Police say Dorce then stepped back, raised his gun again, and repeated that he'd shoot them if they didn't hand over their belongings.

Still, the man didn't comply, and a third threat didn't work either.

Dorce then decided to just leave and drive away in his car, which he'd parked two spots away from the couple's car.

About an hour after the attempted robbery began, police found Dorce in the gold Toyota Corolla he drove away in -- which had been reported stolen.

In the car, police found a loaded .22-caliber handgun -- which the report states had one spent round -- as well as the white T-shirt Dorce was wearing and the mask he'd made by cutting eye holes in the sleeve of another shirt.

According to the cops, Dorce admitted the car was stolen but didn't admit to trying to rob anyone. He said he "found" the gun in his car the day before and "could not give a logical explanation" about the mask in his car, police say.

Police interviewed Dorce for several hours, but he never admitted to the robbery. Instead he said he was playing dominoes when the robbery occurred but later conceded that he'd admit to the robbery if he were an American citizen, because he wouldn't be deported after his release from jail.

The man whom Dorce attempted to rob later came to the police station and told the cops he was 100 percent sure that was the car Dorce drove away in after the crime.

According to some light internet research (Facebook), the couple was married just two weeks before the attempted robbery.

The Palm Beach State Attorney's Office says that at Dorce's sentencing, which hasn't yet been scheduled, he faces a maximum of 60 years in prison.

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