Alex Coelho, Head Stomped by Dirty Blondes' Bouncer, Plans to Sue Bar

The violent video showing three Dirty Blondes' bouncers savaging two patrons that has sparked sweeping and nationwide outrage may soon spill over into the courts.

According to a statement released this morning by two lawyers "overseeing the lawsuit against" Dirty Blondes, the recent violence inflicted upon Alex Coelho and David Parker -- who were subsequently arrested by police -- was beyond reprehensible.

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"Businesses such as Dirty Blondes Sports Bar have legal duties and responsibilities in the operation and management of their affairs, namely, to use reasonable care in the hiring, training, and supervising of their employees for the safety and protection of patrons," says Coelho and Parker's attorney, Christopher Mijares.

"While our investigation into this matter is ongoing, we are confident it will reveal that Dirty Blondes breached its legal duties by failing to properly screen, train, and supervise its staff. This situation is absolutely unacceptable and this establishment will answer for its actions and face serious liability for the appalling conduct of their bouncers."

Coelho, whose head was stomped by one bouncer and suffered significant injuries and contusions around his face, has netted widespread support in South Florida, especially on the Facebook page Boycott Dirty Blondes. Before this, he was server at several South Florida restaurant chains and claims on his online résumé to have trained to be a firefighter.

"I've known Alex for over ten years," friend George Dammous said. "I've been through shit and sunshine with him, and he's in no way a troublemaker. He's a nice guy who keeps to himself and is always there for a friend."

Felicia McGavern added: "Alex has never been a troublemaker. On the contrary, he is very much a gentleman... a real sweetheart."

Attorney Mijares laid on a thick dosage of umbrage. "Improper conduct on the part of any business operating on the beach, or anywhere in our city for that matter, that leads to this type of a situation simply will not be allowed to stand," he said. "We will be pursuing the full measure of our clients' damages. This can never happen again, anywhere!"

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