Alex Collins Says He's Sticking With Arkansas, Despite Mother's Best Efforts

Yesterday we told you about South Plantation High star running back Alex Collins' mom confiscating his letter of intent to attend Arkansas and then disappearing with it.

Basically, Momma Collins doesn't want her baby to go so far away. And who can blame her? It's her son; it's a tense time in a young man's life, particularly one who has never been out of the state. Also, IF HE STAYS HE'LL TOTALLY BE A MIAMI HURRICANE!

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Alas, Collins insists that, despite the greatest heist ever perpetrated in collegiate sports history, by his mother, he is still very much going to Arkansas.

Collins appeared on South Florida's NBC6 with Joe Rose on Wednesday night and told everyone that he's "sticking with Arkansas."

"That's where I feel most comfortable," Collins said in the interview.

Asked about deciding between the Razorbacks and the Canes, Collins said it wasn't an easy decision.

"It was tough," he said. "That was my top two, Miami and Arkansas. I decided it would be good to be out of state. It'd be a nice experience for me."

Rose failed to ask Collins anything about his mother, who is the star of this entire incident, or if Alex has had any discussions about him sticking with his plans and for her to stop embarrassing him in front of his friends and everything already.

Collins seems like an even-keeled, polite, and respectful young man. And he's apparently a bulldozer on the football field. Which means, if all goes according to plan in Arkansas, he'll be hitting up the NFL in no time and will be able to buy Momma Collins her own private jet to fly to wherever he is anytime she wants.

Collins plans to sign his letter of intent to Arkansas on Thursday.

Sorry, Canes fans.

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