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Alex Fanaian, FAU Fraternity President, Arrested for Being a Drunk UPDATED

UPDATE: All charges in this case were eventually dropped.

Nerds, rejoice!

A frat bro was served his comeuppance! The day is ours!

Alex Fanaian, former president of the FAU fraternity Iota Nu, was arrested on Sunday after police found him naked, bound with metal hangers, totally schwasted, bro, and having just sprayed a fire extinguisher all over his neighbor's house.

It went down like this, according to the police report. Boca Raton resident David Deal heard some awful clanging outside his home early Sunday morning. He thought it may be gunshots, so he went outside to investigate.

What he found, however, was the King of the Bros banging on his door and about to break a nearby window with the extinguisher. Deal, 52, told police Fanaian came at him with the fire extinguisher and struck him. Deal said he had to wrestle the 23-year-old science major to the ground and hogtie him with some metal hangers.

Officer J.A. Martz, who soon arrived, tried to talk with Fanaian, according to the University Press. "He was not making sensible comments," the officer wrote in his report.

This wouldn't be the first time Fanaian had made stupid comments, if his Facebook page is any indication. For one, Fanaian loved the GEO donation to FAU's athletic stadium. "I'm pretty sure the rest of the school who cares about the program is on board with the GEO Group donation," he posted earlier this month.

Then, queried on his Twitter account how, precisely, a bro does his morning routine, Fanaian played it like this.

Neighbors told police that Fanaian, who was taken to the Boca Regional Hospital, had been drinking at Blue Martini in town.

Police charged Fanaian with burglary and aggravated battery for striking Deal with a "deadly weapon."


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