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All but Eight Palm Beach County Schools Will Be Open Wednesday

Bad news, kids not living in Loxahatchee or the Acreage.

After two straight days of no school -- and one half day of not being sure what what would be decided -- the Palm Beach County School District says that all but eight schools will be open Wednesday.

The schools that will remain closed on Wednesday are because of continued flooding problems in and around each respective school, according to district spokesman Nat Harrington.

The eight schools that will NOT be open Wednesday are:

Acreage Pines Elementary

Frontier Elementary

Golden Groves Elementary

Loxahatchee Groves Elementary

Osceola Creek Middle

Pierce Hammock Elementary

Seminole Ridge High

Western Pines Middle

It took some time for the Palm Beach County School District to make a decision about Wednesday. There had even been a doctored photo floating around the internet of a screen grab of the district's website showing that all schools would remain closed.

Not so. Harrington confirmed to the Palm Beach Post that the photo was false. Nice try, photoshoppy kids!

Either way, teachers and students who don't attend the schools listed above are expected to go back tomorrow at the regular time.

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