"All of You Deserve to Be Taken Out Behind the Woodshed and Beat the Living Shit Out Of"

Activist Gladys Wilson dresses down Cooper City Mayor Debby Eisinger, Commissioner Neal DeJesus, and other commissioners at Monday night's budget meeting. Eisinger tried to slow her down, but there was no stopping Gladys, who was angried up by the criminal-background-check scandal.

Eisinger's tired comeback is that Wilson is "not a role model for the community," drawing gasps of disbelief from the audience that had to watch the mayor's shenanigans and dirty tricks playing out across the media landscape over the weekend.

UPDATED: In other news, Ron Klein shows that he can pander with the best of them, Sunrise Michael Ryan takes aim at Stuart Michelson, Ken Jenne fails to win back his pension, and a big shot at Nova's H. Wayne Huizenga School of Business gets caught peeping.

And it's raining a lot.

After the jump, I briefly address the problem with the genius.

So Deerfield Beach Commission candidate Chaz Stevens freaked out commenter Larryboy to the point that yesterday he said he was going away. 

Those of you following this blog know this is not a new problem. I have contacted Stevens in the past and told him to stop this kind of behavior. I've also asked Stevens to stay away from the blog for good. Too many problems. I trust he'll respect the request.

Understand that the problem between Larryboy and Stevens occurred only after Larryboy made the mistake of contacting Stevens personally by email. Not a good idea in general.

These kinds of distractions are obviously counterproductive. I'm trying to commit some journalism here, and most of you are here to see what happens next. Let's try to keep it simple like that.

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