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All Signs Point to Crist Veto of Pro-Life Bill

A bill that would require women in Florida to pay for an ultrasound before getting an abortion will tell us much about whether Charlie Crist the Republican has had major philosophical shifts since he became Charlie Crist the independent.

If he vetoes it, Marco Rubio will brand Crist a hypocrite and score a few more of those moderate Republican voters who happen to be pro-life. If Crist signs the bill, though, he'll catch flak from the left, where Democrat Kendrick Meek hopes to raid Crist's supply of pro-choice moderates. This week in anticipation of Crist's awkward position, the Meek campaign released this video:

Still, there's not much suspense in this decision. As an independent currently enjoying a lead in the polls, Crist will want to play it safe, right down the middle. And we all know by now that he forms his political beliefs on what will best get him elected. Rubio's campaign has spotted a clue that makes this even more academic: Crist has removed the "pro-life/pro-family" section of his website.

Here's a WPTV-5 segment on Crist's decision.

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Thomas Francis