Ex-priest Neil Doherty: An allegedly prolific predator.
Ex-priest Neil Doherty: An allegedly prolific predator.

Alleged Pedo Priest Strikes Again! Another possible victim steps forward.

Every time the former Catholic priest and Lake Worth resident Neil Doherty enters the news, it seems like more (alleged) victims come a'tumbling from the woodwork. Last week, Doherty was hauled off to the poky for a violation of the terms of his bail -- he had left his house, which was a no-no, apparently to attend a funeral. This was not the first time his ankle monitor had reported him straying, and finally the police took notice.

With the (alleged) serial-abuser Doherty languishing in jail, another (alleged) victim filed suit against the ex-priest, telling a story similar to those of the many, many other boys Doherty has (allegedly) abused. In this case, the (alleged) victim was a 14-year-old runaway hanging out in a trailer park, whom Doherty first assisted, then befriended, and then (allegedly) plied with pot, booze, and cocaine. And then Doherty (allegedly) had sex with him.

This is the 22nd such suit now filed against. Only once have the charges of one of Doherty's (alleged) victims landed him in criminal court. That extremely grotesque story, along with others from Doherty's long and distinguished (alleged) career of savage child-rape, may be found in New Times' 2008 story on the subject, "See No Evil." 

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