Allen West a New Face for Sarah Palin

And so it begins. As Sarah Palin campaigns for 2012, she's already using Allen West as a symbol of the cringe-worthy change she will bring.

Notice a theme among the newly elected GOP stars Palin's highlighting here. West and Marco Rubio hail from the political crucible of Florida, plus they fill all kinds of diversity quotas. They are also Tea Party celebs, as are so many of Palin's anointed pols.

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Which raises an interesting point: Are these incoming congressional newbies really symbols of change, that glorious "morning in America" to which Palin refers? Or were they funded by the same, old-money, Big Oil, anti-tax GOP interests that have run the country for years?

The Karl Rove-backed American Crossroads PAC spent $216,000 supporting West's campaign. Individuals and PACs associated with the right-leaning oil giant Koch Industries gave at least $26,400 to Rubio's campaign. According to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, the Koch folks were the new senator's fifth-largest donor.

If this is a new morning in America, it still looks an awful lot like the old, George W. Bush days.

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