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Allen West and Patrick Murphy Are All Tied Up, According to Poll

Looks like Rep. Allen West has himself a race. His challenger for the 18th District, Democrat Patrick Murphy, has a 47 to 46 percent edge over West, according to a new Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee poll.

To take the poll, the DCCC commissioned Grove Insights, which surveyed 400 likely voters between August 21 and 24, with a 4.9 percent margin of error.

Said West in response to this at a Florida delegation breakfast today: "I take nothing for granted. I believe in the Colin Powell theory of military operations -- that you use overwhelming force and power to crush your opposition."

Because, military reference!

He also called Murphy a "chump."

Also, he invented a word:. "Criticality."

The pollster memo the DCCC released along with the numbers, says that West is viewed favorably by 43 percent of the 18th District -- which backed Obama by 51 percent in 2008 -- and unfavorably by 38 percent.

It also says his job approval/disapproval percentages are 41/52.

Murphy, an accountant who is vice president of his family's successful construction company, has been a feisty fundraiser. He also recently released two negative ads about West through a PAC aided with $250,000 from his father.

For his part, West has challenged Murphy to four separate debates, but the candidates have so far agreed to only one.

Today West called Murphy out on the debate issue. "I find it absolutely amazing that an incumbent is the one asking for debates and the challenger is runing away from it," West reportedly said. "I think it's hilarious."

West might think it's hilarious. But if the polls remain steady and Murphy is able to use the DCCC poll to raise even more money, West's campaign to win the 18th won't be as much of a slam dunk as he first thought, when he left the 22nd District.

Polls, money, and ads are a criticality to a successful campaign.

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