Allen West and Ron Klein Face Off in Debate

As hard as Ron Klein kicks, he's just an itch to the illogical juggernaut that is Allen West's campaign. Recent attack ads from Klein play a video clip in which West says to a gathering, "I'm just honored to be here today with all my fellow right-wing extremists." There it is, on camera! Incriminating, right?

Nope. This attack from Klein puts West at a double advantage: First, he makes a tongue-in-cheek "right-wing extremist" comment that's meant to refer to how mean all the Democrats are being; then Klein takes that comment out of context and uses it against him, so West is the victim again. With all the crazy things West has actually said, why is Klein kicking in the dust here?

West took the opportunity to fire back at a debate today at Lynn University. There's video from CBS 12 after the jump.

West also referenced another gaffe by the Democratic Party on behalf of the Klein campaign in which it inadvertently released West's social security number. "I'm not concerned about all this back and forth. But I do get upset when people do things that put my family at risk," he said.

At the debate, West reiterated his tax-reform plan: replace all bracketed federal taxes with an across-the-board 23 percent sales tax on everything. Why doesn't Klein go after him for wanting to screw the poor instead of for a silly joke he made among supporters? Blame the vitriolic insanity of attack-ad season.


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