Allen West, Ann Coulter, and Coral Ridge Ministries Can't Stop Thinking About Gay Soldiers

Three South Floridians made uncommon waves with their opinions on Don't Ask, Don't Tell this week. One worried about the military worrying about sex, one decided that male Lady Gaga fans must be gay (which is true, actually), and one worried about the free speech of chaplains.

1. Allen West Wants the Military to Stop Thinking Dirty Thoughts

In an interview with Newsmax TV (Newsmax being the über-conservative newspaper that Ann Coulter considers her "editorial home"), Congressman-elect Allen West managed to give an eloquent, 60-second statement about the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell that was as calculatedly inoffensive as it was meaningless.

Asked about the repeal, West threw a quick bone to his right-wing fan base ("Well, let me tell you something: The mission of the United States military is not to accommodate behavior and definitely not to accommodate sexual behavior") and quickly

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Brandon K. Thorp