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Allen West as Rick Scott's Lieutenant Governor? We Say Yes!

Rick Scott may have opened the door to what would be quite the dynamic duo of derpness at the top. Scott told a Tampa-area radio station that he would be cool with considering former Rep. Allen West as his next lieutenant governor.

Actually, Scott basically just gave a polite answer when asked about Col. Commie Hunter, but that didn't stop local Democrats from flipping their lid and demanding donations to stop West from filling the vacant seat.

Scott's original lieutenant governor, Jennifer Carroll, resigned back in March over her connections to Allied Veterans, a non-profit that operates internet cafes, whose heads were arrested on racketeering charges after an investigation by the IRS and Secret Service.

Since then, Scott had not publicly mentioned anything about finding a potential replacement (technically, he doesn't need a lieutenant governor), but has stated that he would wait until the end of the session before he would even consider it.

But, on the radio show, he was asked about it. And, more to the point, he was asked about West as the next lieutenant governor.

Scott responded that he thought West "is a great American and a great patriot... he'd be a great lieutenant governor."

Again, polite and non-threatening.

But the mere thought of a Scott-West administration set the roof on fire for at least one Democrat.

Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Scott Arceneaux sent out a freaked-out fundraising appeal when he heard that Scott said nice things about West.

Arceneaux sent out an email, imploring folks to send money immediately!

"I need your help keep Rick Scott from hiring Allen West," the email read. "It's time to send both of them packing for good."

Arceneaux has a right to be freaked. A Scott-West administration would be an absolute clusterfuck of epic proportions.

AND IT WOULD BE GLORIOUS. Purely for the jokes!

Florida is screwed anyway. And this is the Crazy Capital of the United States (deal with it, Ohio).

It would only be fitting to have a couple of crazy-ass cartoon villains running things.

So let it be known right here, right now, The Pulp FULLY ENDORSES ALLEN WEST AS THE NEXT LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR.

It's clearly for nothing more than comedy blogging-sake. But still.

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