Allen West Bungles U.S. History Again, Confuses FDR and Herbert Hoover

Rep. Allen West posted something on Facebook? Time for a Fox News interview.

Chatting with Fox's Greta Van Susteren yesterday, we couldn't help but notice West reinvent another moment in American history to further a political talking point.

His point was that the government cannot be the arbiters of fairness, claiming that's the plan of President Obama and his pals in Washington.

"We remember FDR talkin' about a 'chicken in every pot,'" he said.

No, we really don't.

That would be because "a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage" was a slogan used by the Republican National Committee supporting Herbert Hoover for president in 1928.

Really, West just took a dump on his argument there, since the Great Depression started less than a year after Hoover got into office.

Apparently, in West's head, it's just furthering some sort of socialist plot that's been bubbling since Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt starting talking about chickens in pots -- which, we'll remind you, he didn't.

Here's West's appearance:

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