Allen West Celebrates MLK Day by Telling President Obama Not to Play the "Race Card"

Rep. Allen West -- the self-proclaimed "Harriet Tubman" who says he's trying to get the nation's African-Americans off the "21st century plantation," claims members of the Congressional Black Caucus are "racist," and suspects his potential opponent in his reelection bid might like "running against black guys" -- is warning President Obama not to use the "race card."

Not surprisingly, West saved this rant for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

West actually said something nice about the president for a quick second yesterday, saying "Dr. King's dream had come true" when Obama was elected.

"The inauguration of our first black president, the highest office in the land, and perhaps the world's most powerful office, clearly demonstrated to the world that race need not be a hindrance to success and achievement in America," West says. "The fact that Barack Obama won the largest share of white support of any Democrat in a two-man race since 1976 indicated the lion's share of these voters made their decision based on his character, his vision of hope and change, and his ability to relate with everyday Americans."

But, West notes, "white Democrats aren't the only voters who are capable of making a decision based on character rather than color" -- two of the 42 black Republicans running for House seats were also elected.

However, West is wondering why "the left" and "the White House" have "charges of racism emanating from them" whenever there's criticism against President Obama or Attorney General Eric Holder.

West says that Obama "must not hide behind a curtain of so-called racial bias" and that people should not be labeled as "racist" when they're trying to have a candid discussion about anyone.

Yes, this is coming from the man who told CNN that "this liberal left has some issues with racism."

Then there's West's statement directly to the president:

My message to President Obama is this: "Mr. President, your very presence in office demonstrates Dr. King's dream has indeed come true. But how devastated would Dr. King be to know the Americans who are still fomenting racism at the highest levels are the very people for whom he fought for and died?"

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