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Allen West Compares Being Gay to Liking Chocolate Chip Ice Cream and Riding Scooters

Folks, we simply cannot make up the stuff that comes out of Rep. Allen West's mouth.

In a meeting with the Sun-Sentinel's editorial board yesterday -- which was also recorded on video -- West talked about fixing the nation's debt problem, his vote to increase the debt ceiling, the credit rating downgrade, Islam, his spat with Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and of course, the gays.

West verified his comment about not being able to change his race but gay people being able to "change their behavior," then furthered his argument by comparing being gay to liking ice cream or riding scooters.


"I like chocolate chip ice cream, and I will continue to like chocolate chip ice cream," he said. "So there's no worry about me changing to vanilla. I like to, you know, ride my motorcycle. What do you want me to do? You want me to change my behavior and ride a scooter? I'm not into that."

West made another strange comment about "sexual behavior," implying that he's seen people from Atlanta who have easily overcome the wretched gayness.

"People can change their sexual behavior," West said. "And I've seen people do that. I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, so I've seen a very different perspective on human behaviors. So that's where I'm coming from on that."

West did say he supported civil unions for gay couples but would not confirm whether the concept of gay marriage is real in other states -- asked in reference to whether his brother-in-law, who was married to his partner in California, is actually "married."

"California gave them a marriage license?" he said. "Guess what? I'm not a judge; I'm not the justice of the peace. So if they're married, they're married, OK? Nothing I can do about it."

On the plus side, West did avoid name-calling and insults (for the most part) throughout the interview and said he doesn't oppose gay couples adopting children.

Now back to West's vacation with the rest of Congress.

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