Allen West Confirms Americans Aren't Star Trek Characters, Rips on Occupy Movement

If you're a constituent of Rep. Allen West -- or even if you aren't -- it's time to subscribe to the congressman's "Weekly Wrap-Up."

The entertainment value is always on high, and it'll give you an idea of what West has been postulating over the last week -- like the time he dedicated a few lines of his diatribe to New Times, calling us "idiot Liberals," "delusional dummies," and "a bunch of losers."

This week, it's about those silly damned liberals again and a reminder that the American people aren't a race of cybernetic organisms from Star Trek.

Yes, really.

First West gave a shoutout to the Jewish folks for Yom Kippur and a happy Columbus Day to American-Italians. (We missed his happy Ramadan declaration.)

West says "liberal progressives" keep asking where his economic plan is. He explains that his plan is that, well, he doesn't quite have an exact plan.

"My response is that my plan is to trust the American people -- the job creators, the small business owners and the American entrepreneurial spirit," West says. "My plan is to create tax and regulatory policies that will promote long term economic and job growth in America, which is exactly what is sitting on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's desk."

West then went on to explain that President Obama doesn't understand American exceptionalism and that people should be rewarded for their work.

And in comes Star Trek.

"America is about the individual and not about a collective," he says. "We are not like 'The Borg' of Star Trek."

We'd like a clarification on that one, because West should know that American troops borrowed the catchphrase from the Borg to deliver to the Taliban.

He then immediately went to taking a stab at people who don't like corporate corruption interfering with their lives:

"Liberal progressives do not want to unleash our individual strength, they prefer to foment collective divisiveness, which is exactly what this 'Occupy Wall Street' movement is about," West says.

We're not sure exactly what West thinks the Tea Party is, but it's his newsletter.

West closed out his "Weekly Wrap-Up" with the same reminder politicians have been giving us for about a decade -- we're winning the war in Afghanistan.

Due to West's pop-culture reference and general loose-cannon behavior, we'll raise him one by playing his new unofficial campaign theme song:



for West's rant in full.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.