Allen West Did That Thing Where He Insinuated Obama Is a Commie, Again

The sun rises, the sun sets, Allen West sees communists in his Cheerios. It's all part of the fabric of life, the universe, and everything.

In a speech before the Republican Jewish Coalition yesterday, Rep. West said that Obama's 2012 campaign slogan, "Forward," is actually a supersecret subconscious Commie Marxist theme.

Back in April, some GOPers were jumping all over one another to point out that "Forward" was totally a word the Nazis used to push their propaganda machine.

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Obama is a Commie! Obama is a Nazi! Obama is whatever ridiculously troglodytic, fear-mongering, bullshit narrative we choose to try to shoehorn into the conversation!

Republicans! FUCK YEAH!

Said West:

We are now $16 trillion in debt. We have 47 million Americans on food stamps. We have close to 9.5 million more Americans in three-and-a-half years on the poverty rolls. That's not turning the corner. But yet, they want to bring out an old Soviet Union, Marxist-Socialist theme for their campaign called "Forward." I have to ask you one simple question. Where is the Soviet Union today?

I ask you, where is the Soviet Union? Also, whatever happened to Spudz McKenzie? That beer drinking dog promoted beer and football. Speaking of ball. You know who had one ball, right? HITLER. 

But hey, let's not be so quick to dismiss the ramblings of a crazy person who also happens to be an elected official.

- In the Russian Gulag, when prisoners would die from exhaustion, the Commissar would take a bullhorn and proclaim to the other slave laborers, "Mother Russia runs with the sweat and toil of traitors like yourself!" Runs. Know who else uses that slogan? DUNKIN DONUTS.

- Finger Lickin' Good was actually Jeffery Dahmer's motto. 

- Taste the rainbow? The gays.

Allen West must be on to something!

"Forward," incidentally is also the Wisconsin state motto.

Good thing the San Francisco 49ers beat those commie bastard Packers yesterday! That Aaron Rodgers is a Red Menace!

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