Allen West Does Not Want the Word Coexist on His Bumper

Before you liberal pranksters get any ideas, let's make one thing clear: It's a dirty rotten trick to put a bumper sticker that says Coexist on a vehicle driven by Allen West or on the vehicle of any Allen West supporter. West has said, specifically, that this bumper sticker "absolutely incenses me" -- video after the jump.

That's from a speech this past March. Here's the text:

[E]very time I see one of those bumper stickers, I look at the person inside that is driving. Because that person represents something that would give away our country. Would give away who we are, our rights and freedoms and liberties because they are afraid to stand up and confront that which is the antithesis, anathema of who we are. The liberties that we want to enjoy."

Based on West's public remarks about the "coexist" bumper sticker -- remarks that have now been broadcast on a satirical political website trafficked by a national audience of liberals -- he would seem to be vulnerable to this very prank. Especially since a prankster could acquire a box full of the bumper stickers by merely clicking over to this Amazon.com page. That prankster could then track West's movements by using this campaign calendar. See how easy?

Easy but wrong. Very wrong. So don't do it! Do. Not. Do. This.

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