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Allen West Down By 9 to Patrick Murphy In Latest Poll

According to a poll taken for the Democratic group House Majority PAC by Garin-Hart-Yang Research, Allen West is trailing challenger Patrick Murphy 52 percent to 43 percent.


Last week, West's campaign released their own poll showing the congressman leading Murphy by nine. Another GOP-leaning poll showed Murphy up by four.

The big lead in the Garin-Hart-Yang poll comes mainly from Independents, who think have more negative feelings towards West than positive ones. In other words, Independents think Allen West is a douche.


"Allen West has become extremely polarizing, and he generates more NEGATIVE feelings (47%) than POSITIVE ones (40%)," the pollster writes in a memo. "In summary, the sharp turn away from Congressman West among Independents shows that his hyper-partisan record is being rejected, and that Patrick Murphy has strong prospects of putting this seat into the Democratic column."

Another thing to consider about this poll is that it's taken by a gold-plated Democratic pollster that leans heavily GOPer.

The poll sample was composed of 44 percent Republicans and 37 percent Democrats. And Murphy gets a big 18-point boost from Independents, according to the poll.

Just last week, West released this video touting his heroness while taking about how Murphy was once arrested for being drunk and having a fake ID.

While Allen West was busy making war on the enemies of freedom's faces, Patrick Murphy was getting his drank on. This country is falling apart. So vote for the guy who was almost dishonorably discharged for being a total dick and not for the guy that once partied too hard as a teenager. NATCH.

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