Allen West Fanboy Mark Levin Loses His Alleged Marbles After Reading New Times

Assuming Allen West fanboy and Rush Limbaugh-wannabe Mark Levin actually had any marbles to lose before he went on an on-air rant last week may be a bit of a stretch, although it does appear he successfully got that brick through his digestive system.

Who's Mark Levin? In short, some guy.

The longer version -- he's some guy who interviews Rep. Allen West on his right-wing radio program on occasion and last week took almost six minutes of airtime explaining his distaste for New Times and his apparent obsession with this writer.

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Here's the post he's referencing, and we'll just toss you straight into the video -- "check it out":

For those who lost count, a friend of the Pulp hooked us up with this mathematical analysis of references:

Matthew Hendley: 10
Moron: 4
Broward-Palm Beach New Times (and variants of): 3
Idiots like this: 3
Little creep: 3
Hendley: 2
Mr. Hendley: 1
H-E-N-D-L-E-Y: 1

You know what's awesome about Levin?

Nothing, but that's not the point.

In a fashion remarkably similar to West's, Levin takes on the classic screw-the-facts, hurl-the-insults diatribe that gets the blind devotees riled up.

Also -- obituaries? What?

Anyway, that's the company West apparently keeps, as if anyone's surprised about that.

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