Allen West Fanboy Website Dissolving Due to Lack of Support

Allen West Nation, a website devoted solely to the supposed awesomeness of the congressman, is soon to be no more.

Adam Wilhoit, one of the site's administrators, announced on Thursday that they're trying to figure out what their future is, because continuing as Allen West Nation "is not an option."

Wilhoit says that since West voted for the Budget Control Act, four or five of the site's other administrators have resigned from their posts and estimates that two-thirds of the website's users find West's vote "wrong if not reprehensible."

As for the other one-third that still claims loyalty to West, Wilhoit says it's time to move on.

"We understand unwavering loyalty and the greater cause; however, those individuals also need to understand clearly what their fellow patriots believe to have happened so we can move forward together," he says.

Now they're looking to start a "larger concept," perhaps before a single vote takes a crap on another website devoted to one person.

The responses to dropping the Allen West Nation idea vary: One person responded with 244 words in all capital letters and 13 smiley faces; another person responded with every single "s" in his 350-word post as a dollar sign; as well as plenty of people who are pretty sure Allen West should be the president of the United States.

Newspaper editorials have said there's no way West would lose Tea Party support in 2012, but that's not what Tea Party supporters have been writing on West's Facebook page.

You can find the announcement, as well as all of the eloquent responses, here.

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