Allen West Finishes Book, Considers Naming It "Dreams From My American Father"

Freedom couldn't wait. Not with America sinking into the fetid clutch of socialism. Not with the libs having their sordid way with Washington DC, if not the world. And most definitely not for a man like Allen West.

For months -- unbeknownst to all of us -- Allen West has been clacking away at his home computer, dispatching a love letter to the Constitution. (Hopefully not the kind he writes to his wife.)

And now, behold: Allen West, Author.

"As of last night, I finished writing the manuscript for my first ever literary endeavor," West wrote yesterday on Facebook.

"About 80 days ahead of schedule. The book will present my thoughts as a man, a warrior, my political philosophy, being a black conservative, and my vision for the Republic as an American statesman."

There's only one thing left. The title.

Take that, Obama!

You may be the twice-elected president, first black man to hold that position, and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, but at least Allen West father was American.

And you know what his dreams looked like?


But not all was jubilation for the West clan yesterday. West's wife, Angela Graham-West, was booted from the Florida Atlantic University Board of Trustees yesterday afternoon, after only serving two years of a six-year term. For reasons yet unclear, the state Senate never confirmed her nomination, meaning that she can't be considered for a reappointment for another year.

That, however, wasn't going to stop West's momentum. This morning, he was on C-Span haranguing against the emerging weakness of America's armed forces and the perceived voter fraud in Southern Florida that he alleges kicked him out of office. "A lot of people know there was some nefarious activities going on down there," he said.

Then came a question from a listener that's sure to provide fodder for West's book. Has Barack Obama done anything -- anything -- right while in office?

"Policy wise I don't see anything," West said without pause. "I really don't."

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