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Allen West Forms Yet Another Fundraising Committee With Far-Right Georgian

The Allen West fundraising machine lumbers on.

Last month, he formed a joint fundraising committee with Georgia Rep. Paul Broun, who likes using phrases like "walk up the hill of liberty" and is a fellow fan of calling Barack Obama a Marxist. This month, it's a different Georgia congressman -- Lynn Westmoreland --  who thinks the Ten Commandments should be hung in Congress and once called Obama "uppity." West filed paperwork with the FEC earlier this week to form the committee.

Westmoreland was featured on the Colbert Report in 2006, when he was a freshman. To his credit, he was exceedingly patient with Stephen Colbert, whose style hadn't yet evolved past "make people uncomfortable." But the Ten Commandments line stuck -- especially when Colbert asked him to name them... and he couldn't.

"The Ten Commandments is not a bad thing for people to understand and to respect," Westmoreland said. "Where better place could you have something like that than in a judicial building or in a courthouse?"

Well, as we already explained in another "Allen West teams up with crazies" post, there are numerous better places to have them -- the courts say so. But that was six years ago. What's he been up to lately?

There hasn't been a lot of coverage of Westmoreland, who has quietly been working his way toward being one of the most far-right members in Congress, according to GovTrack. In 2010, Westmoreland said Republicans would shut down the government if Obama wouldn't cooperate, and he's currently cosponsoring a bill that would remove, in the name of "small business jobs," regulations on candy-flavored cigars.

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