Allen West Goes to Israel, Meets With Palestinians, Prays, Tweets

Say what you will about Rep. Allen West, but the man is consistent. His visit to Israel this week has been a live-action tour of his hardline beliefs about Islam and the Jewish state. He visited Yad Vashem, the Holocaust memorial, and compared "the mad ideology of Islamic totalitarianism" to the Nazis; he decided Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak was deposed too soon and denounced the United Nation's General Assembly's proposal to recognize a Palestinian state. But you can't really get a flavor for his travels unless you hear it from the man himself.  Here's a summary of West's tour, according to his own tweets, Facebook updates, and interviews:

"Israel day 3: Visit Yad Vashem, firmed commitment to not allow mad ideology of Islamic

totalitarianism to bring forth 21st century holocaust."

"Israel Day 3: Morning run around the wall of Old City Jerusalem, prayed at Western Wall & walked the underground tunnel in City of David."

"Israel Day 5: briefing w/ Palestinian Authority PM Fayyad -- this "unilateral declaration" of a Palestinian state in UN in Sept. is a sham."

And in a video interview posted on his Facebook page, West had this to say about Egyptian dictator Mubarak, who was ousted peacefully after massive protests from the Egyptian people in February:

"The Muslim Brotherhood is the strongest political organization that you have in Egypt. So was Hosni Mubarak the greatest guy? No. But did we maybe depose him too fast before we understood what would be the follow-on? I think so."

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