Allen West Has Recount Request Denied

Allen West's lawyers got their hearing today to ask a judge for a full recount of all 37,379 early voting ballots in St. Lucie County.

And at around 2:45 Friday afternoon, West was shot down by the judge. Again.

Circuit Judge Dan Vaughn told West's attorneys that he doesn't have the authority to order a full recount of early ballots requested by Colonel Commie Hunter.

Now it appears the decision will be up to the county's canvassing board.

Patrick Murphy's lawyers, meanwhile, have threatened to block a ruling for a full recount, if that's the direction the canvassing board goes.

The board plans to meet today at 4 p.m.

According to the Palm Beach Post's George Bennet, Judge Vaughn asked West's attorney's if it would it make their complaint moot if the canvassing board decided to recount all the early voting ballots.

West's attorney responded that counting all early voting ballots would resolve one issue but not absentee votes.

Murphy's lawyer argued that the canvassing board is not authorized to recount all early votes.

So now, we wait until what the board decides come 4 p.m.

The county did a partial recount last weekend that made the race a bit tighter but still not enough to trigger a full recount. Florida requires a 0.5 percent margin or less for a recount, which is not the case between West and his opponent Patrick Murphy -- before and after the St. Lucie partial recount.

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