Allen West Insults Debbie Wasserman Schultz; Didn't Have the Guts to Do It to Her Face

Rep. Allen West decided to insult Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz again over the weekend, but in spite of his angry email tirade to her saying Wasserman Schultz "doesn't have the guts" to insult him to his face, he dropped his newest insult at a Fort Lauderdale Tea Party social event this weekend.

As part of West folklore, he was asked at the event -- which was captured on video by right-wing bloggers over at the Shark Tank -- what the four-word phrase was that he used get one of Wasserman Schultz's former supporters to become a Republican.

"Debbie is not smart," West said with a giggle/chuckle.

He then turned to the camera and said, "I'm sure you're going to be putting that out on the doggone [inaudible]."

We're not going to take a stance as to the accuracy of his claim about Wasserman Schultz, but  it looks like he either "doesn't have the guts" to say it to her face or he is "not a Lady."

The Shark Tank also recorded a few other punches West pulled at the Fort Lauderdale Tea Party gala, including saying Tea Party godfather Ron Paul was "not the kind of guy you need to be sitting at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.," as well as mocking the Florida Gators and singing "Rocky Top."

Check out the video of West's tag line for Wasserman Schultz below:

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