Allen West Is a Troll

Republican Congressman and Professional Commie Hunter Allen West has a column in today's edition of D.C. newspaper The Hill, and, if you haven't yet been fortunate enough to receive its rhetorical wet willie, here's a breakdown of the otter-in-a-moonbounce-level silliness of what West tries to pass off as an actual discussion of ideas.

He leads with the controversy -- the "assertion regarding so-called 'communists' in the Congressional Progressive Caucus." First of all, they're only "so-called" because West so-called them that. Then, though, we get to the interesting part: "I am pleased it has inspired so much passionate debate," he writes, "for that was precisely the point."

Welp, it's settled. West has officially declared the strategy behind his strong influence on the national political discussion, the strategy that was apparent to anyone paying attention but not actually outlined by the man himself. Allen West is a troll.

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Rich Abdill