Allen West Is Being a Jerk to Republicans Too Now: Opponent Bob Crowder Calls Him "Yellow"

Martin County Sheriff Robert Crowder is running for Congress. His opponent loves using words like communist, vile, and despicable to describe colleagues he disagrees with.

Now Crowder is surprised Rep. Allen West, a fellow Republican, is being mean to him too.
Crowder says he spotted West sitting in the back of a St. Lucie County Republicans meeting and, on the way out, went to shake the Congressman's hand: "He crossed his arms across his chest, looked away and replied, 'No thanks,'" according to a Crowder news release.

"How can we expect a man like that to accomplish anything meaningful in Washington, D.C. when he can't even shake hands and be respectful of a political opponent during the Republican primary?" Crowder said. "His behavior is shameful and exemplifies the kind of divisiveness that is causing political gridlock and hurting our country."

He also criticized West's reported refusal to debate anyone before the Republican primary in August. The subhead of his news release was "West's refusal to participate in debate, disrectful behavior shows his true colors -- hint: it's yellow."

The St. Lucie County Republican Executive Committee ultimately endorsed West, saying Crowder "went off the reservation"

by endorsing Democrat Alex Sink

over Rick Scott in the 2010 gubernatorial election, according to TCPalm.com.

"Bob Crowder can pound the table and stomp his feet, but it doesn't change the fact that he's been caught in a lie," said West campaign manager Tim Edson. "His dishonesty makes him unfit to serve in Congress, and his retirement as sheriff can't come soon enough."

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