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Allen West Is Outraged That Obama Wants to Remember Dead American Workers

Allen West is so mad. NAY. OUT. RAGED. at something President Barry Socialist OTrotsky did days ago that Col. West is just tweeting about his outrage today.

Because it's never too late for a heaping serving of FREEDOM STEAK!

Apparently, Obummer proclaimed April 28, 2013, Worker's Memorial Day, in honor of American workers who lost their lives on the job.

Pfffffffffft. Just like a socialist to side with the workers.

In his agenda-laden proclamation, Obama dares praise the American worker as driven and effective -- the most talented in the world, even.

He even mentions how thousands of them die on the job each year, with millions of others suffering work-related injuries or illnesses. He diabolically reminds us how, at the turn of the 20th Century, people had to work in horrible conditions, such as factories with the doors locked from the outside, which would lead to many of them perishing in fires and other emergencies. How they were forced to work with shoddy equipment and work long inhumane shifts, which injured and even killed many. Those who survived their injuries often led a life of poverty and starvation afterward.

And now this Socialist Nazi Commie Coddling Coddler President wants to honor these people with, as he puts it, having "Americans participate in ceremonies and activities in memory of those killed or injured due to unsafe working conditions."

Well, Col. Commie Hunter will have NONE OF THAT NONSENSE.

And so, he took to Twitter to proclaim how sick he is of this celebration of people being honored for needlessly dying while constructing American cities and providing for their families:

Yeah! What is this fuckery? Quit being such a pussy, Obama!

People are supposed to show up to work!

Hey, if they're killed in a fire or permanently maimed or disfigured while doing their jobs, them's the breaks! You're supposed to do your job. You get a paycheck, don't you? You have ratty-ass insurance that pays for a fraction of your medical bills should you get hit in the face with a bulldozer, right? THEN SHUT UP AND BE GRATEFUL.

How dare you proclaim a day where people stop and remember those who died building America and then that's it and go back to whatever it was that they were doing a national day of remembrance!

It's an insult to freedom-loving Muricans everywhere who refuse to acknowledge arbitrary memorials for people who died horribly.

Fuck those people!

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