Allen West Is Pissed About Libya, Part I: Apology To Obama?

Above you'll find Allen West, talking on Sunday at the second anniversary picnic of Florida 9/12. He is speaking about President Barack Obama's weakness in the face of Muammar Gaddafi. "I don't care what anyone says -- you can't win a war from 30,000 feet," he says. Thank goodness we're not at war!

But if we are at war, or if West thinks we're at war, or if West thinks we should be at war and aren't, what he says next is a bit perplexing:

I don't know why we're shooting $567,000-a-piece Tomahawk cruise missiles at the Libya. You know, back two and three weeks ago we could have taken care of this situation. If we had done the exact same thing that Ronald Reagan did back in the early 80's to Muammar Gaddafi, when he dropped a bomb in his back yard, Muammar Gaddafi didn't say a word for the next thirty years. That's the only way! That's the only way to get Muammar Gaddafi's attention.

This is met with rapturous applause -- which, if you think about it in context, translates to "Americafuckyeah!" -- which, at the event, may have prevented the assembled Tea Partiers from thinking very clearly about what they'd just heard. "You can't win a war from 30,000 feet" would seem to indicate that West wants us to win a war in Libya; West's brief mention of the Tomahawks' price tag would seem to indicate that he doesn't want us to do anything in Libya at all; his statement about Ronald Reagan's dropping of a bomb in "Gaddafi's back yard" would seem to indicate that we're doing exactly the right thing. So what's the story?

I'm guessing West has changed his mind on the matter, and now supports our adventure in Libya with every beat of his big American heart. Because "we" did indeed drop a bomb in "Gaddafi's back yard" -- in fact, it might have happened while West was at this picnic. Now, Gaddafi's compound is a smoking wreck. Imagine that!

Of course, the decisive bomb was dropped by Britain, but oh well. If West wants to complain about that, it's less a gripe about our doveishness than it is about our sociability. Why shouldn't Britain get to bomb something every now and again? Surely West won't begrudge them that.

Mr. West, we'll be awaiting your apology to the Commander In Chief. I'm sure hearing it will brighten his spirits considerably during an otherwise gloomy week. Because war is a depressing business. Isn't it?

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