Allen West: Obama's a Marxist, and "I Need a Bucket" to Describe Debbie Wasserman Schultz

It seems like it's been a while, but Rep. Allen West is back on the media circuit, this time declaring President Obama a "Marxist" and saying he'd "need a bucket" when Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz's name was brought up.

Yesterday, West was a guest of the Michael Berry Show on a Houston AM radio station and was asked to say the first thing that came to mind when Berry said someone's name during a free-association game, telling him to be "undiplomatic and unscripted, which you typically are."

After going through about a dozen names, including calling Vice President Joe Biden "nutty" and "mindless," Berry called out Wasserman Schultz.

"I need a bucket," West replied.

After that, Berry brought up the email spat between the two congressional members, saying, "That wasn't after three beers; that was in writing."

West said the feud originally stemmed from Wasserman Schultz's calling for a "riot" outside West's campaign headquarters, and West agreed with Berry that he used "psychological intimidation" in his rant about Wasserman Schultz being the most "vile, unprofessional, and despicable" member of Congress. 

Then there's West's belief that President Obama is attempting to intentionally ruin the economy to install a system based on his Marxist beliefs:

It is intentional because this is who the president is. The president is a Marxist because he believes in the separation of classes. We have never heard a president in the United States of America speak as he is. And when you have a national leader, you look throughout history, when you have a national leader that demonizes a certain segment of society and attacks them, it has never ended up well, and yet, that's what we have. He is a socialist, because he believes in nationalizing production.

Aside from the fact that Karl Marx's philosophy included a classless society, Washington Monthly's Steve Benen brings up a good point about West's little diatribe about Obama: 

The political world should at least consider the possibility that Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) is some kind of liberal performance artist, secretly pretending to be a right-wing congressman to make Republicans look like lunatics... West at least deserves credit for recognizing phrases like "nationalizing production," but he still sounds like an unhinged wackjob if he believes President Obama in any way resembles a "Marxist."

The video of West's interview can be found below:

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