Allen West on Gene Sperling: "I Never Met Him, but He Truly Did Seem to Me to Be an Idiot"

It seems like yesterday was another day Congress didn't get too much done, and Rep. Allen West made another appearance on Fox News to run his mouth.

The Senate voted heavily in favor of the payroll tax cut extension worked out by both parties' leadership, but West still isn't a fan.

Why? Because someone's an idiot, according to the continuously yapping gentleman from Florida.

That would be President Obama's economic adviser, Gene Sperling, who was at one point pretty confident that the House would have no major problem with the deal.

As always, West has an opinion.

"I have to tell you, listening to Mr. Sperling, I never met him but he truly did seem to me to be an idiot that was just repeating some very weak talking points," West said. "You have to understand one simple thing, the National Payroll Reporting Consortium today came out and said that this two month extension cannot be properly implemented. And who would ever think of economic policy just going for a two month incremental time period?"

To clarify, that's not quite what the NPRC said, as it's been described as "difficult to implement."

On the other hand, West also had enough free time to talk about Attorney General Eric Holder, who West told the Daily Caller is playing the "race card," saying it's the "last card in the deck."

"West said Holder's use of race as a way to attack his critics is 'the most insidious thing I ever heard,' the Daily Caller writes.

Sure thing, "Harriet Tubman."

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