Allen West on the Super Committee's Impending Failure: It's Obama's Fault

Before the 12-member Super Committee announces its failure to agree on how to cut the nation's debt, Rep. Allen West wants to make it clear it's President Obama's fault.

Obama, obviously not a part of the committee, has been West's go-to target for blame on just about everything he doesn't like, whether the president is involved or not.

"President Barack Obama and his administration are to blame for the anticipated failure of the Super Committee," West announced this morning. "He has stood by and done nothing to encourage bipartisanship among this committee. Instead, the president and this administration would rather sit back and watch automatic cuts kick in that will be devastating to our military -- ripping 600 billion dollars from defense in ten years.

"At a time when America's enemies are more emboldened than ever, our military needs to be supported, not shredded," West says.

At first, it looked like West was going to blame the Super Committee itself for not reaching a compromise, saying, "I find it appalling that grown adults can not sit down at a table and find a way to negotiate something so important to the future of this nation."

When West says the president has "stood by and done nothing to encourage bipartisanship among this committee," that's not exactly true, since he called both Republicans and Democrats on the Super Committee to tell them to "get the job done."

West, apparently not paying attention, also called on Obama to introduce legislation to spare the defense budget -- which his Republican counterparts, Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham, are already doing.

He did get a few things right, though:

The American people are sick and tired of Washington, D.C., and there's good reason why. The failure of this Super Committee is an embarrassment to Congress and to the American people. I call upon members of Congress to learn from this failure and realize that the true victims of these partisan antics and political games are the American people.

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