Allen West Plays the Nazi Card (Again) and Encourages Violence (Again)

It's not clear where congressional candidate Allen West is speaking -- was it at yesterday's protest against the Imam's invocation in Pompano Beach? UPDATE: If the commenter below is correct, this speech happened last year; but then why was it posted to Youtube today?

Wherever he was, West didn't disappoint his most radical followers. Fast-forward to about 5:10. You'll hear the following:
In 1930 there was a gentleman in Germany who took away private gun ownership. And you know what happened to that population. You must be well-informed and well-armed because this government that we have now is a tyrannical government.

A tyrannical government? And so that means if Allen West should lose his election, then I suppose his supporters will blame it on the tyrant's influence -- and West's supporters will have the obligation to use their weapons against that government?

But now I'm confused, because I thought Allen West was anti-terrorism. He sounds a bit pro-terrorism in this video.

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