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Allen West Protesters Rally Outside Court Where He's Calling for a Recount

Allen West is in court today to file a motion to have the St. Luice County ballots and voting machines impounded for a possible recount.

Patrick Murphy leads West by about 0.66 percent, which is too big a lead to constitute an automatic recount. Under Florida law, you need a 0.5 percent or smaller margin to trigger a recount.

But as the hearing kicked off at noon today, constituents from Florida District 18 are rallying outside West's court appearance.

Their message to Colonel Commie Hunter: Ya lost. Deal with it. Move on.

The rally, put together by Stand Up Florida, already has folks lined up outside the courthouse with signs and bullhorns. They basically want West to pack his things and head back to D.C. for the lame-duck session, where he can continue not creating jobs and not preserving programs that seniors, students, and families count on.

On Thursday, the group presented West a petition demanding that he focus on jobs, not cuts, when he gets back to Washington.

"The best way to reduce the deficit is to put people back to work, not pass job-killing budget cuts that slow the economy and make the deficit worse," said Stand Up activist Merle Griffin.

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