Allen West, Republican, Wants to Join the Congressional Black Caucus

Black Republicans. You gotta love 'em. Well, except for Don King. You can still hate that guy all you want.

Florida congressional candidate Allen West, phaser in hand, wants to boldly go where no black Republican has gone before. No, dummy, not a skiing trip with Michael Moore. Good guess, though.

Saying he wants to reinstall a little "dignity, integrity, and honor back to Washington" (have those three ideals ever lived in that town at the same time?), West also says he'd like to join the Congressional Black Caucus if he gets elected. That's long been a Democrat-only club. How the heck does West expect to get up in there?

Part of his ambitious plan was outlined in this article from The Daily Caller:

"I think I have every right to. I would be in Congress, and I would be black and so I should be able to sit with them, and again, bring a different perspective."

The last black Republican to serve in Congress, J.C. Watts of Oklahoma, chose not to join the CBC. But West says "someone needs to stand up and say something different... because they can't just be the sole voice."

West, however, is not optimistic that the CBC would be very welcoming. "Now, I really presume that the CBC will just change their name to preclude me from joining it, but that's ok, I'll start my own caucus," he said.

Now, what do you suppose he'd name that? The Caucus of One? Or would he team up with Alan Keyes and just build a fortified bunker?

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