Allen West Rips GOP Chair Over Comments About Appealing to Blacks

In remarks made during an appearance this weekend on MSNBC, congressional candidate Allen West had sharp criticism for the chairman of his party, Michael Steele, over Steele's response to a question about the Republicans' appeal to black voters.

After hearing a quote from Steele about the party having not given black voters a reason to vote Republican, West said:

"I think that Chairman Steele is totally wrong... There is a great history that was connecting the Republican Party to the black community, and I think that Chairman Steele should do a little bit more research before he goes out spouting his mouth like that."

For a guy who owes much of his fundraising base to the Republican Party and who's never held elected office, West seems perfectly comfortable playing the arbiter. He recently said that Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush "should be ashamed of themselves" for being critical of the anti-illegal immigrant bill in Arizona.


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