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Allen West Rips Patrick Murphy for Supporting Same Medicare Cuts He Does

Socialist hunter and conspiracy uncoverer Allen West voted for the Paul Ryan budget cuts that would affect Medicare. He also said those who oppose his backing of  Ryan's plan are totally going to Kamikaze themselves.

"I will be supporting the House GOP Budget Plan as authored by my colleague Budget Chairman Paul Ryan. And anyone challenging me on my support to this visionary plan to restore our economic security will be signing up for a suicide mission," West said back in March.

But now it seems someone is daring to challenge and oppose his support of such a visionary plan to restore our economic security and therefore has put himself up against Allen West: Allen West!

Remember that Star Trek episode in which Capt. Kirk had to fight his alternate-universe self? This is just like that, only with more bombast and commies!

In his latest ad, West has some senior citizens who are very genuine and not at all actors, talking about his opponent, Patrick Murphy, taking your Medicare and having a bonfire party with it.

Mainly, the ad goes after Murphy for supporting $716 billion in Medicare savings that come under the Affordable Care Act, or as we have come to know it, Obama Afrika Man Death Panels Care.

"To take out $700 billion," one old dude says in the video, "would hurt seniors tremendously here in Florida."

Problem is, Ryan's budget plan calls for the same exact cuts. Womp-womp.

In further warning those who dare oppose his support for Ryan's budget plan, West also says: "My recommendation to any detractors, read Proverbs 17:28 and heed its advice. It is time for those who understand how to govern, not demagogue."

Proverbs 17:28 says "even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent, and discerning if he holds his tongue."

Try not to bump into things today with all that irony that just jumped up onto your face.

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