Allen West Said the Craziest Things! (Part One)

With the news that Allen West has given up his fight after he demanded a recount and then saw that his opponent got even more votes as a result of that recount and therefore conceded, we're happy but also sad.

West's defeat is a win for America because, holy crap, was that dude nuts.

But West's defeat is a loss for political jokesters like us. Of course, the GOPers are never in short supply of nutters who say and do crazy things, so we'll be fine.

Still, Allen West was a once-in-a-generation loonball. And he happened to be right in our own backyard.

But because it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday, we're sending him off as only we know how: by counting down the craziest shit he said while in office!

Here's part one of our two-part series:

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Chris Joseph
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