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Allen West Says Tax on Tanning Salons Is Racist

Congressman Allen West deserves some credit for holding an event at West Palm Beach's Century Village senior community Wednesday -- there aren't many indications he has too much support there, which was emphasized when the 1,200-seat auditorium had about 75 people in it, according to the Palm Beach Post.

But in addition to his usual talking points, the Post reports West also rehashed a complaint made on messageboards and comments sections more than two years ago:

"You want to talk about something that's really racist? They have a tanning tax," said West, who is African American. "I'm not tanning."

Ah, poor white people, having to pay an extra 10 percent to voluntarily cook their skin in little rooms. OBAMACARE IS SO EVIL. (A study published earlier this year found that the "tan tax" had no effect on the tanning salon business.)

While the context isn't clear from the article, it doesn't look like West criticized any other bills as being discriminatory. What about all those laws that benefit veterans? Laws like the one West proposed last March? They largely benefit men -- that's sexism, dude.

How about the discrepancy in crack and cocaine sentencing? That's been shown to unfairly target minorities and the poor -- 28 grams of crack will get you sent up the river for five years, while it takes half a kilo of coke to get that mandatory minimum. There's no joke here; that's pretty shitty. West wasn't the one to introduce legislation to try to make penalties even -- that was Joe Biden, five years ago. And it didn't work.

But yes, let's get this tanning salon racism sorted out.

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