Allen West Still Trails Patrick Murphy After Partial Recount

A partial recount of ballots from St. Lucie County happened on Sunday and -- news flash -- Allen West is still losing.

The recount narrowed Patrick Murphy's lead somewhat, but the tally still isn't enough to trigger an official all-out recount.

On Friday, West's motion to impound the ballots and voting machines was shot down by a judge.

West's next move may be to just keep going to work like nothing ever happened and hope no one notices.

The partial recount reduced Murphy's overall lead to 0.58 percent, which is still outside the 0.5 percent Florida law requires for an official recount and just close enough to really stick in West's craw.

Murphy's campaign attorney, Sean Domnick, called for West to let it go already and move on. West's campaign manager, Tim Edson, however, in a move that seems to be a thing for him, insulted the process and called the recount a "sham" and a "circus."

He also vowed to pursue "every legal action available to make sure every vote is counted fairly and accurately in this election," because frivolous abuse of the courts is OK only when West is the supposed victim.

This even after St. Lucie County agreed to a partial recount -- even though by law, it wasn't required to do so.

Basically, St. Lucie did West a favor by having its employees take their spare time on a weekend to do a recount, and when the result didn't come up roses for Colonel Batshit, the whole process was obviously a sham.

What's that? The numbers still don't add up for West? SHAM! AND! CIRCUS!

So it looks like we're all going to have to buckle up and enjoy the crazy as West takes every legal option he and his attorneys can think of.

West is determined to stay in office so he can continue to call people who disagree with him socialists and rid the world of them evil Muslims and spreading his nuttery all over our faces.

And we all know how much he loves to spread things all over people's faces.

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