Allen West Suggests Congressmen Should "Get Shot at a Few Times" to Change Opinion on Afghanistan

The U.S. House is nearing two different votes demanding that President Barack Obama set a definite timetable on troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, but Rep. Allen West doesn't want to hear any of that hippie talk.

Instead, Lt. Col. West would prefer that congressmen urging an exit from Afghanistan head over to the battlefield and start taking bullets.

"I would take these gentlemen over and let them get shot at a few times and maybe they'd have a different opinion," West told the Miami Herald.

So how many congressmen does West consider be pumped full of lead?

Democratic Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich put forward a resolution for immediate U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan in March, garnering 93 votes -- including 85 Democrats and eight Republicans.

Since the two current proposals in the House ask for a timetable for exit from Afghanistan -- instead of immediate withdrawal -- it's probably safe to say that number would be a bit higher.

To be fair, West isn't only proposing irrational conversation -- like sending congressmen to war -- to keep troops in Afghanistan.

"Is the Taliban still fighting? I spent 2.5 years in Afghanistan," West told reporters. "Just because you kill Osama Bin Laden does not mean that the Taliban has stopped fighting. Now, can we fight a little smarter? Absolutely."

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